Unable to Pull Public Image From Rancher GUI

Hi Everyone,

Extremely new to Rancher/Docker. We have a HA Rancher Infrastructure setup on a Kubernetes Cluster following this article : https://rancher.com/docs/rancher/v2.x/en/installation/k8s-install/. We used RKE to avoid having to spin up another database HA instance. We are able to pull hello-world from one of the worker nodes (linux barebone) itself successfully and we see it running as a container. When trying to pull it from the Rancher GUI, it fails and says ReplicaSet “weblate1-p-9t6h4-954c4d5fd” has timed out progressing.; Deployment does not have minimum availability.

From the Shell on the GUI, you can see its been trying to create it. We have installed longhorn for persistent storage as well and volume/claims are working as it should. Does anyone have any idea why its not working?