Unable to set openstack cloud provider


I am trying to configure Openstack cloud provider in Rancher 2.0, here is a very basic config:

cloud_provider: name: "openstack" openstack_cloud_provider: block_storage: ignore-volume-az: false trust-device-path: false global: auth-url: "***" domain-id: "***" password: "***" region: "***" tenant-id: "***" username: "***" load_balancer: create-monitor: false manage-security-groups: false monitor-delay: 0 monitor-max-retries: 0 monitor-timeout: 0 use-octavia: false metadata: request-timeout: 0
And I get the following error while provisioning:

This cluster is currently Updating.
[workerPlane] Failed to bring up Worker Plane: Failed to verify healthcheck: Failed to check https://localhost:10250/healthz for service [kubelet] on host []: Get https://localhost:10250/healthz: dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused, log: F0702 10:00:15.873314 7338 server.go:233] failed to run Kubelet: could not init cloud provider "openstack": 1:8: illegal character U+002C ','

Any ideas how to debug and fix this issue will be very helpful! There are no commas in config at all.

PS: This warning confused me because I didn’t find any prerequisites in documentation. Not sure but maybe this is the root cause
Configuring a Cloud Provider in your cluster without configuring the prerequisites will cause your cluster to not provision correctly. Prerequisites needed for supported cloud providers can be found in the documentation.


Automatically generated /etc/kubernetes/cloud-config looks like:

auth-url,omitempty = ***
username,omitempty = ***
user-id,omitempty =
password,omitempty = ***
tenant-id,omitempty = ***
tenant-name,omitempty =
trust-id,omitempty =
domain-id,omitempty = *****
domain-name,omitempty =
region,omitempty =
ca-file,omitempty =

lb-version,omitempty =
use-octavia,omitempty = false
subnet-id,omitempty =
floating-network-id,omitempty =
lb-method,omitempty =
lb-provider,omitempty =
create-monitor,omitempty = false
monitor-delay,omitempty = 0
monitor-timeout,omitempty = 0
monitor-max-retries,omitempty = 0
manage-security-groups,omitempty = false

bs-version,omitempty =
trust-device-path,omitempty = false
ignore-volume-az,omitempty = false

router-id,omitempty =

search-order,omitempty =
request-timeout,omitempty = 0

Not sure about “,omitempty”. At least after I removed it from config, I got another “Authentification error”.