vCenter clould provider error while creating cluster

I’m trying to set up the vCenter cloud provider on the rancher yaml file, but I’m getting the following error:

2021/03/16 23:54:03 [ERROR] cluster [c-xsdtq] provisioning: [workerPlane] Failed to bring up Worker Plane: [Failed to verify healthcheck: Failed to check http://localhost:10248/healthz for service [kubelet] on host []: Get "http://localhost:10248/healthz": dial tcp connect: connection refused, log: F0316 23:53:48.890674 25934 server.go:274] failed to run Kubelet: could not init cloud provider "vsphere": 10:28: unknown escape sequence]

I have been reading that this error could be related to having dashes on some of the variables

Although, my username doesn’t have any dashed, but my vcenter password contains *.
This is my cloud_provider code/configuration:

    name: vsphere
          user: <domain>\<user>
          password: <pass>
          port: 443
          datacenters: /Datacenter
        server: vcenter_url
        folder: Kubernetes
        default-datastore: /Datacenter/Stage/ClusterStage/ClusterStage_DATA06
        datacenter: /Datacenter
        resourcepool-path: /Datacenter/Kubernetes

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

The problem was related with the user.
Instead of using < domain >< user >, I used < user >@< domain >.com