Updated agent properties (e.g: hardware)

Hi everyone!

First off I’m a big fan of Rancher. It makes our sysadmin lifes much easier.

Currently I have 3 hosts in a Rancher cluster. All of those three hosts are using RancherOS. There’s a fourth RancherOS host that manages the cluster (with rancher/server, jenkins and a private registry).

Now I’d like to scale up one of the hosts horizontally; increasing the /dev/sda1 partition. That wasn’t an issue at all using resize2fs. But for some reason, the server does not recognize the increased size of the host. How can I trigger an action so that those properties are resent to the server?

Thanks for any help in advance. I’m using the latest versions of rancher/server (and of course rancher/agent).


That sort of info is sent every few minutes from the agent to the server and should theoretically update itself…

Does reloading the UI help? I’m not sure it’s watching for changes in disk size since that happens rarely. Next, the disk stats come from cAdvisor so killing it in the rancher/agent container would probably work. Or restart the agent.

Hi vincent.

Thanks for your reply - I’ll monitor this when scaling horizontally in the future. Maybe I was just too impatient.