Upgrade from 15.1 to 15.2 shuts down the VM

I can reproduce this issue any time:
Upgrading a VM with SLES 15.1 to 15.2 shuts down while the upgrade process the VM running at Citrix 8.2.0. The SLES 15.1 installation must have these extension in order to reproduce the issue:

  • Web and Scripting Module 15 SP1 x86_64
  • Development Tools Module 15 SP1 x86_64
  • Desktop Applications Module 15 SP1 x86_64
  • SUSE Package Hub 15 SP1 x86_64
  • Public Cloud Module 15 SP1 x86_64

The /root partition has 9GB available so this shouldn’t be a problem.
When does it happen:
This is the funny fact. It can happen while the upgrade process when the packages are downloaded and installed, but I had it also in the very long list “Automatic changes” overview - see the screenshot. In the left upper corner you see the terminal program message after the VM shut down.

Any ide what it can be? What am I doing wrong? I could successfully upgrade 7 other SLES 15.1 VM without any problem, but they didn’t have any of the above extensions.

Now, 1 month and several Citrix & SLES updates later, I could successfully upgrade all VMs which failed before. I don’t understand why it works now, but I don’t need to understand everything.