Upgrade from Rancher 2.1.1 to latest (2.2.1)


I want upgrade my current rancher cluster. My cluster is now in version 2.1.1 and was created by rancher without rke tool.

|User Interface |v2.1.4|
|Helm |v2.10.0-rancher5|
|Machine |v0.15.0-rancher1-1|

I seems to me that I have to do this steps

  1. Do a full backup / snapshoot of the etcd
  2. Install tiller repo
  3. Update with catalog helm repository.
  4. Pray

I am a little afraid because I think that my rancher not was deployed by helm and my cluster is not installed with RKE

Could someone confirm this?


Migrating from RKE addon to Helm is described here.