Upgrade rancher verstion

we are using rancher 2.4.5 we have installed using rke method.is there anyway to upgrade without impact of existing setup

I don’t know that I grok the question.

I think you are saying you did an HA rancher server installation, or rke method as you call it.

You can upgrade, there are docs on how to do this. If it were me, I would upgrade rke, then upgrade rancher.

If you are on 2.4.x, I going to guess you are on an older k8s version as well. To upgrade rke, I think you still follow the k8s docs on upgrading from minor release to the next, ie, if on 1.16, you upgrade to 1.17, then 1.18, and so on. Before each upgrade, you need to backup etcd. All this is in the rke docs.

After you have upgraded rke, I would then start on rancher. Again, take a backup of etcd using the rke binary. Then I would upgrade to the highest version of the 2.4.x version. There is an upgrade guide. You need to pull the latest chart via helm. You then need to get the setting you passed during your install, then use helm to upgrade your installation. Make sure to add the app/chart version during the upgrade.

The upgrades are pretty straight forward. I feel like I upgrade rke and rancher every 3 months. I think I started in the 2.3.x and am now in the 2.5.x release. I had some issues early on, but they were actually docker issues. I wasted a lot of time chasing red herrings when I first started.

Anyway, take backups. There small and provide a way to restore if something goes wrong. I have two docs I usually follow, I’ll put them on githib Monday and share. Maybe they will help.

If you have any custom downstream clients, ie rke, you might want to upgrade them as well.

Many people install the Rancher GUI using helm. The GUI just software that runs in your K8S cluster, and it reads like you are currently running version 2.4.5. Try to determine if that was originally installed using helm. If so, just do a helm upgrade.

BTW - RKE is generally used for building the actual K8S cluster, and upgrading the K8S versiion etc… not for upgrading the GUI. At least it is in my configuration. Best of luck