Upgrade kubernetes with rancher on clusters launched by RKE

I have a single node rancher and a HA kubernets cluster. I install k8s with rancher rke.
My rancher version is 2.3.3, k8s version is 1.16.3.
Now,i have update my rancher to 2.3.5,and I want to upgrade k8s to 1.17.3.
Follow this https://rancher.com/docs/rancher/v2.x/en/cluster-admin/editing-clusters/#upgrading-kubernetes
I found i can’t edit the k8s version.

Thanks for your contribution!

By the way,when i create cluster custom on rancher version 2.3.5,I found it just support k8s 1.17.2 but not 1.17.3. i feel confused…

The list of supported kubernetes versions is listed on the rke release page.

At now v1.17.2-rancher1-2 seems to be the newest to choose from.

Thank U so much! :grinning: