Upgrade longhorn version v0.3.x


The upgrade method for the version v0.3.x , rancher doc:
On Rancher UI, navigate to the Catalog Apps screen and click the Upgrade available button. Do not change any of the settings. Do not change any of the settings right now. Click Upgrade.

Our problem is that the catalog on the Rancher website is not working due to an enterprise Proxy setting.
A possible explanation is that rancher is using another domain for the catalog.

We are using a RKE (v0.1.9) cluster and a separate server for the website (rancher v2.0.8).
Everything works fine except the catalogs, but we just need this catalog to upgrade Longhorn.

On the RKE cluster we installed Helm, so we can work with helm charts and Rancher has an up-to-date helm chart: https://github.com/rancher/charts/tree/master/proposed/longhorn/v0.3.0


  • Can we use this chart to upgrade Longhorn? (Version from V0.3.X) ?
  • How to download the chart, because this is not possible at the moment?

I saw some problems with the content of the issue which belongs not to Longhorn!

If all yes, can you add a procedure ?

Are you using Rancher Catalog Apps originally to install Longhorn v0.3.0?

I’ve updated the steps for Longhorn installation by yaml file at https://github.com/rancher/longhorn/blob/master/docs/upgrade.md#from-longhorn-deployment-yaml .

The Longhorn installation is done via the installl yaml file.

kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rancher/longhorn/master/deploy/longhorn.yaml

For the upgrade I got the same file as the installation file, changing the version shall not harm an existing installation?

No, it shouldn’t harm the existing installation. You will get some API downtime for Longhorn manager, but no downtime for the running volumes and your workload. There is no engine upgrade in Longhorn v0.3.1. The engine will be kept at v0.3.0.

I started an upgrade from Longhorn version v0.3.0 to v0.3.1 .
Everything seems oke, upgrade works,

Some small problem:
Website image version: Image:rancher/longhorn-engine:v0.3.0
describe pod : Image: rancher/longhorn-manager:v0.3.1

So the upgrade is done but the website info is not updated.


@Luc_Evers We’ve kept Longhorn Engine (which is not UI…) at version v0.3.0 since there isn’t much change to warrant a new release for the engine. We don’t want to introduce unnecessary issues for the user to upgrade engines. See https://github.com/rancher/longhorn/releases/tag/v0.3.1

So everything looks good in your setup!