0.6.0 helm challenge

I was a bit eager to upgrade to 0.6.0 and ended up with the “transport is closing” issue.
I managed to restore the 0.5.0 version, but the app state in rancher 2.2.8 is still “Upgrade failed”.
Is there a way to force the upgrade? I think I can add a separate disk and copy files and then reinstall longhorn, but it would take some time.
the longhorn.v3 configmap shows STATUS: PENDING_UPGRADE.


Hi @hwaastad

Sorry for the issue. We’re aware of it, which is tracking at https://github.com/longhorn/longhorn/issues/755 . We’re working on a workaround to help the situation at this moment. We should able to share the workaround in the issue above in a couple of days.

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