Upgrade rancher 2.4 from docker to helm

I have a Rancher 2.4.15 standalone installed via docker. I want to upgrade to latest 2.5. From what I understand from release notes, “simple” docker install is no longer supported. How can I migrate my rancher from “simple” docker to helm? I didn’t find any documentation about that.
Thank you.

As far I as I know, docker images are still supported, but for development/testing.
I don’t know of a way besides the new features in rancher 2.5 that allow you an easy way to migrate from docker single install to HA cluster installs.

I did find a link to upgrade a single docker image to a newer version.

If you can upgrade your docker image to 2.5 you might be able to do the backup operator and migrate it to a HA cluster that way. Though this is a just a thought. I haven’t tried this yet.

Thank you, I’d try and tell here how it went.

Upgrade to 2.5.x, backup Rancher, restore to new HA cluster.