Latest version of Rancher-compose not backwards compatible

I have a script that uses the rancher-compose cli to deploy things. I tried updating to the latest 0.8.6 and I now get following error:

Unknown resolution for '' using <config.RawService Value> at line 0, column 19

More details:

$ rancher-compose --url https://myurl/v1/projects/1a111 --access-key xxxx --secret-key xxxx --project-name global-services upgrade my-services-11549 my-services-12573 --pull --update-links -c --interval 30000
time="2016-07-27T18:38:08Z" level=error msg="Could not parse config for project global-services : Unknown resolution for '' using <config.RawService Value> at line 0, column 19" 
time="2016-07-27T18:38:08Z" level=fatal msg="Failed to read project: Unknown resolution for '' using <config.RawService Value> at line 0, column 19"

Could you share your docker-compose.yml and rancher-compose.yml?

woops, sorry never got around to this:

    service: beanstalkd
  image: schickling/beanstalkd
    FORCE_REDIRECT: 'true'
    FORCE_SSL: 'true'
  - global-services/all-services-8004:directory
  - global-services/all-services-8004:api
    io.rancher.scheduler.affinity:container_label_soft_ne: service=workflow
    service: workflow
  image: myorg/workflow-service:15b734
  - 'beanstalkd:'

And rancher-compose:

  scale: 1
  scale: 4
    port: 80
    interval: 10000
      quorum: 1
    initializing_timeout: 60000
    unhealthy_threshold: 3
    strategy: recreateOnQuorum
    request_line: GET "/heartbeat" "HTTP/1.0"
    healthy_threshold: 2
    response_timeout: 2000

I noticed that you’re upgrading your service when you face this error.

What’s the old docker-compose.yml/rancher-compose.yml and the new one? Or what is the difference?

The only think I change is the tag on the image,
I have a script that downloads the compose file from rancher, uses sed to replace the tag, then uses rancher compose to do the rolling upgrade

so for example, it would replace:

image: myorg/workflow-service:15b734
to be
image: myorg/workflow-service:h2hwi0