Upgrading rancher server from internal DB to external RDS database

Hi - I am trying to upgrade rancher server from single node to multinode HA setup. Current setup is single node setup with internal database. I am trying to export internal database and importing to new RDS database that I have setup in AWS. somehow when I setup new rancher server with newly created database which has imported data from previous rancher setup, I am not able to see those environments, hosts and other entries with new setup.

@Rancher Support - Can you please let us know if that is possible or supported ? Do we have documentation on how to upgrade rancher server which has internal database to new setup with external RDS database with data imported.

Thanks in advance.

Any updates on this?

You can just export the data from the internal MySQL (docker exec <rancher server is> mysqldump cattle > cattle.sql or similar), stop then server, import the data into the new external db and start up a new server container points at it.

Thanks Vincent. It’s working and you can close the ticket.