Migrate Rancher Environment to different Rancher Server


I currently have a Rancher Server (let’s call it R1) which has multiple environments configured on it with their own service stacks and rancher agents. R1 is using an external mysql database. Now I need to create a new Rancher Server (R2) which will have its own external database, and will be hosting one of the environments already configured on R1 (Call it E1). Is there a way to export a single environment from R1, and put it on R2?

I haven’t seen much information on this, so I was thinking about exporting all the SQL data from R1, importing it on R2. Then I would need to remove all the other environments that are not needed on R2 - leaving just E1. At this point I think all the hosts configured for E1 would need to be removed from R1 (and also E1 from R1), then rerun their rancher-agents to connect to R2.

Is this the best way to go about migrating an environment? Is there an easier way to accomplish this? Anything I might be missing if I were to attempt this?

I am running version