Upgrading RKE binary

Hello, We’re currently running rancher 2.1.8 on top of an RKE based kubernetes cluster.
We’re planning to upgrade the entire stack - the rancher chart, the cluster that hosts the rancher chart, and the RKE binary itself (currently using 0.1.4 and upgrading to 0.2.4).
I’ve found in the docs how to upgrade both the chart and the hosting cluster, but how do I upgrade the RKE binary without losing all my data ? I know there are several changes to the config file’s syntax, and I would like to make sure the upgrade happens smoothly.
Has anyone upgraded his rke binary and can offer some insight on the proper way to do it ?

The RKE binary is just a Go program. I have been upgrading the binary when new versions come out and have not had any problems. You just copy the binary into your path, and you are using the new version. RKE only runs on your laptop, and does not have any dependencies on the Kubernetes cluster or Rancher itself. There isn’t any “data” for RKE to lose. It just reads your cluster.yml file, and performs the actions listed in the file.