Usage of Dynamic DNS before or with AD integration

We are using sssd to integrate all our linux systems to our Windows 2012 AD.
It’s working fine, except that I have to ask the creation of DNS Record in our Windows DNS.
I would like to implement Dynamic DNS so i can dynmicaly from the server create the record at the time I join the domain.
Servers are on AWS and IP is known after instance creation, and final hostname is set after connecting to the instance, as a post operation.
I did find part of informations with samba refering to a dnsupdate bin that is not deployed in my instance.
Could you point to a procedure with required packages, commands and prerequisites on Windows DNS side (a key,…) ?

Auto Solve
Finally, i find out how to use ddns in sssd.conf by adding :
dyndns_update = true
dyndns_refresh_interval = 43200
dyndns_update_ptr = true
dyndns_ttl = 3600
No more need to ask someone to register IP.