User Docker Hangs on Boot

Hi Everyone,

I’m running RancherOS 1.5.8 and recently we loss-of-power-type hard shutdown on the instance in which we’re running (non-HA) Rancher.

Now when when we boot RancherOS user-docker never seems to become responsive.

The problem is that I don’t seem to find any errors that would suggest what’s going on.

We turned on debug logging and have observed lots of the following in /var/log/docker.log:

time="2021-04-19T22:02:56.358980366Z" level=debug msg="restoring container" container=40be067c199e3ada88a5e4d73f76a95c8dd46b6a4b9407b7aee89bbb09755898 paused=false running=false
time="2021-04-19T22:02:56.359248501Z" level=debug msg="restoring container" container=390e7f21c7e74761094baa8ea08384a1c95125b7c4a60d2681317d22d050b48c paused=false running=false
time="2021-04-19T22:02:56.366707606Z" level=debug msg="restoring container" container=6c746d699cb4cc32a9b9e36fa4c3392445c4a746a579e0ad350eca99f8426074 paused=false running=false

I don’t see any evidence of resource contention, and waiting hours doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I should look next in order to get user docker to start up?