User interface isolation for individual users

How can we do user interface isolation individually on rancher server per user account ?

For instance, there have 2 hosts on rancher server and 3 user accounts (user01, user02 & user03)

Host A > 2 web containers & 1 db container
Host B, > 3 ruby on rails application containers & 1 db container

user01 can only see and manage db containers on each host.
user02 can only see and manage 2 web containers on Host A.
user03 can only see and manage 3 ruby on rails application containers on Host B.

Is it possible to configure directly on rancher server what means without integrating with 3rd part application ?
If 3rd party application needed to integrate, what is the best solution for this scenario ?


I’m not sure if that level of RBAC (Role Based Access Control) is available in Rancher currently. However, you likely could configure multiple environments on the Rancher server. The downside is that I think you’d have to register each host with each environment, so each host would be running three difference rancher/agent containers if you did this via three environments.

I feel like this isn’t a good route to go with even if it is possible, and I make no claims that it is. It’s just the only way that I personally can think of that you might be able to use to accomplish the stated goal. Someone with more experience like vincent might be able to suggest something better.

Thank you so much for your suggestion.