Using alternatives different than

Hi everyone,

I have installed Rancher 2.2.4 HA with RKE I’m using Vsphere 6.0 to provisioning. I tried to run a single test using rancher/hello-world and then create a load balancer different than xip dot io. I went to global tab → settings and change the ingress-ip-domain to nip dot io, sslip dot io, lvh dot me, etc.

On the local cluster the redirect link is generated for all solutions xip dot io, nip dot io, sslip dot io, etc

On the Rancher cluster provisioned only xip dot io is working

I looked for logs at nginx-ingress-controller.
For any solution different than xip dot io I got that message:

Error obtaining Endpoints for Service “default/ingress-xxx”: no object matching key “default/ingress-xxx” in local store.

Did I miss any configuration? Is that a kind of issue? I’ll appreciate any help.