Tech Preview 2 Alpha 12: How to add bare metal node?

HI there,

In the previous previews I was able to a bare metal hosts to the cluster, where is this done now.
Also I was under the impression you moved away from etcd to mysql, now back to etcd ?


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Sadly, still not there yet. Reference:

In the meetup, they mentioned possibly doing another update within 2 weeks. If not, it should be in the beta in February.

Not sure about etc.d, or how that will work for setups with < 3 nodes.

There was no “away from etcd”, 1.x and earlier have always been MySQL.

On a side note, you might be able to manually use RKE to create a cluster, and then import that cluster into the current preview. That might allow you to test it on bare metal a little bit.

I think this was done during the meetup. Though I have not tried it myself yet. Waiting for the beta since that may have storage / catalog support.

I have done it exactly as sdevries described.

Deploy Kubernetes with RKE and import. Pay attention to the cluster name, it has to be lower-case or you get a “weird” error message.