Vnc viewer hangs Suse 15.1

I have 2 desktops on my LAN. A headless Suse 15.1 that I use mainly for a server. And the other box is running Mint 19.3. After a clean Suse reboot I can use Vnc Viewer from the Mint box into the Suse box no problem. But for whatever reason after a month or so the Vnc Viewer client on the Mint box stops working. What happens is it just hangs and doesn’t connect. On the Suse box I tried restarting vncmanager without any change. I really don’t want to reboot the Suse box if I don’t need to. What am I missing here?

I tried to vnc into a different user with success, which is interesting. So it appears something is different with the first user which affects the Xvnc connection from happening? I will try to examine the logs to understand what is going on.