/ volume filling up with virtual file /proc

Good morning, I had my customer report that one of their file servers, a SLES10SP3/OES2SP3 file server, was 100% filled on the “/” partition. This was something that we had encountered before, and the answer at that time was to simply restart the server. The “/” volume was back to 53% thus freeing up the space. Is there something specific that we can be looking at, or would there be a reason why the volume would fill with a virtual file (again at least that was our original thought)

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That would indicate it’s /tmp and it’s only being cleared on reboot.
You need check if you can safely run clearing /tmp via a cron job.

Else you may need to customize a cron job to clear out some of the
unneeded /tmp files and maybe even files in /var/log.

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