Var directory full

Probably a simple question, but could use advice. Have a SLES 12.5 system and the /var directory was showing almost 95% full. Without even thinking, I deleted a bunch of log files. The directory within file manager shows space cleared, but a “df” command still shows the directory at 95% full. I cannot seem to find any open files that are taking up space and rebooting the system hasn’t freed it up either. Any advice on where to look or how to tackle this would be appreciated.

@bkesting might be the zypper rpm cache? Check with du -sh /var/cache/ are you running containers etc? Maybe /var/tmp? I would just cycle throught the /var direcories with du -sh

Are you running btrfs?

My root partition is btrfs…all of my other partitions, including /var are xfs. Not running containers.

Upon further looking…I do see a “.Trash-0” folder in /var that has all my “deleted files” in it. Assume I can just delete these files to clear up space?

@bkesting yes that should help…

That did it…not sure why I didn’t notice that folder before. Thanks for the assistance!