VPC ID not specified

Hi guys, Iā€™m on my day 0 with Rancher :wave:
Iā€™m trying to set it up (v2.6.3) on the AWS following this quick guide Rancher Docs: Rancher AWS Quick Start Guide, ran into this error message when I run terraform apply --auto-approve. I have one private VPC and lots of security groups on my account. Appreciate any help on how I can overcome this error! Also, would it be possible to specify the VPC and security group ID to start the server?


**aws_security_group.rancher_sg_allowall: Creating...**

ā”‚ **Error:** **Error creating Security Group: VPCIdNotSpecified: No default VPC for this user**

**ā”‚** status code: 400, request id: 3bd180c5-7537-4436-84cf-666666663525


ā”‚ with aws_security_group.rancher_sg_allowall,

ā”‚ on infra.tf line 26, in resource "aws_security_group" "rancher_sg_allowall":

ā”‚ 26: resource "aws_security_group" "rancher_sg_allowall" {