Vsphere how to disable tls or provide ca certs


I am trying to create a k8s cluster on vSphere using the single node Rancher Server installed on a linux box. I have added the node template with all the required details.
But when I started creating the cluster the docker-machine creation fails with the error:
Error creating machine: Error checking the host: Error checking and/or regenerating the certs: There was an error validating certificates for host “XXXX:2376”: remote error: tls: bad certificate

I tried the cloud-config.yml option by using:
tls: false

I tried adding the following config into the cluster configuration (edit yaml):
name: vsphere
insecure-flag: true

None of these options work and still getting the tls bad certificate errors:

So the questions are:

  1. How to disable tls verification from Node Template configuration (so that I can see that “TlsVerify” in config.json as false
  2. How to provide our own CA certificate so that Rancher can use this CA and key to generate the client and server auth certificates for docker. Currently I see the path in the config.json as management-state/node/nodes/test-vsp-master-1/certs/. So in Node Template where to specify the path (rancher container path or the host mounted path)?

When the iso image is getting copied I copied the certificates to this folder management-state/node/nodes/test-vsp-master-1/certs/ manually and it worked.

Please let me know if any one has successfully launched a cluster on vSphere (not with RKE)

Sarma K