Rancher 2.x, RKE and VMware vSphere connection with self-signed cert


I’m quite new to Rancher and has recently setup it up (v2.1.5) on a virtual machine in our VMware cluster.

I now want to setup a vSphere cluster and followed the instructions on:

Our vSphere server is using a self-signed certificate and as far as I can get it from the logs, rancher can’t connect to it. Reading the documentation for the Rancher 1.x (https://rancher.com/docs/rke/v0.1.x/en/config-options/cloud-providers/vsphere/) there is an global option insecure-flag: true that should fix this problem.

Where should I put this option in the Node Template (Which is where I believe it should go)?

Any pointer appreciated!

Thanks! /Anders

The insecure-flag option should be specified when creating your cluster.
If you’re creating a custom cluster with cluster.yaml and RKE, it should be in that file. Like this:

    name: vsphere
        insecure-flag: true

Along with all your other options/configuration for vSphere provider.