Waiting for mandatory devices eth0 SLES 11 SP1 on Hyper-V


Testing SLES 11 SP1 in our Hyper-V environment, but have run into a

The server I installed lost connectivity to the network, and when I log
on to the console I see it has problems with its network adapter.
Rebooting it gives this error during boot “Waiting for mandatory devices
eth0…”, which then gives a countdown to zero and the it states it
When looking in Yast\etwork Devices\etwork Settings I see two
adapters (even though the VM has only one added), one with the IP
settings I configured when I installed the server (eth0) and one new
adapter (eth2). Only the new adapter has a MAC adress, which would
indicate a change on the network adapters but the VM config on the host
has not been changed.

Does anyone have any ideas on what is happening?

As a sidenote, I also get an error on the host related to the IC
components from Microsoft not being the correct version. As per this KB
‘Using Linux Integration Components 2.x with SLES’
the IC’s should be integrated in the SLES kernel but somehow the error I
am getting from the host seems to suggest otherwise.



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Hi Anders,

Have a look in the file /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules.

There will be entries for eth0, eth2 (and also eth1). Note the
different MAC addresses, which is why new devices have been created.
(Possibly because you have been moving this test system around?)
You can safely remove all the entries for ethx and reboot. That should
bring back your eth0 with the settings you have previously configured
for it.

Is your SLES 11 SP1 server registered and patched with all the latest
available kernel packages offered in the update channel?


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