Welcome to SLES for Arm Raspberry Pi with commercial support

Welcome to SLES for Arm support for the Raspberry Pi Forum!

This forum is a place for you to ask questions and get answers about SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) on the Raspberry Pi.
SUSE announced commercial support for the Raspberry Pi Model 3 Model B on March 26, 2018.
This new approach replaces the Raspberry Pi image that was introduced at SUSECon in November 2016.

This new offering supports the Raspberry Pi as just another platform for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Arm.
That being said, the Raspberry Pi is a unique platform that requires some accommodation so the Raspberry Pi installation media is formatted as an SD Card image.

SUSE made SLES for Arm commercial support for the Raspberry Pi available due to customer demand. We had multiple customers that were implementing industrial monitoring solutions based on the Raspberry Pi and needed to have a robust, secure, Linux operating system on these devices.

So while the initial use case was industrial monitoring, we know of other customers investigating using the Raspberry Pi for network monitoring, digital signage, and information kiosks.

This new Raspberry Pi image is based on SLES 12 SP3, but the initial hardware support is similar to what we did for the SUSECon SP2 image.

Anyone can get a free evaluation subscription and down this image from the location below. I’ve included links to a number of resources for SLES for Arm support for the Raspberry Pi:

Raspberry Pi 60 day Evaluation download https://bit.ly/sles4pi
SLES for Arm Raspberry Pi Quick Start Guide https://bit.ly/sles4piquickstart
User Forum https://bit.ly/sles4piforum
SUSE Customer Center https://scc.suse.com
Replay of Raspberry Pi webinar https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/11477/311441
SLES for Arm Raspberry Pi product page https://www.suse.com/products/arm/raspberry-pi/
Raspberry Pi Foundation FAQ https://www.raspberrypi.org/help/faqs/

NOTE: We do not yet have pricing for the SLES for Arm Raspberry Pi published, but we expect to in the next few weeks. The current estimated price is $33 per year for a Standard Subscription.

Have a lot of fun!