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Welcome to the new SUSE Enterprise Storage forum.

SUSE Enterprise Storage, a scalable and resilient software-based storage solution, solves the problem of IT budgets remaining flat and not being able to cover the estimated 40 percent annual growth in data. It lets you build cost-efficient and highly scalable data storage using commodity, off-the-shelf servers and disk drives. Get more information here:


This forum is to discuss the product, ask questions, etc.

[QUOTE=forumadmin;26715]Get more information here:


Yes, the product page has lots of additional information but sometimes a document’s title doesn’t do it justice.

I thought I’d draw your attention to this one which shows that SES 4 has the lowest TCO compared to competitive products…

Enterprise Mass Storage Less than a Penny per GB Per Year TCO Case Study

Sorry, seems something wrong with the data in SES presentations. Let’s compare that document with the presentation we got las week (page 13). Here are both screenshots.

What is correct: “$10K per year” or “$10K per 4-node cluster”? Older SES-4 presentations says “$10K per 4-node cluster”. Was the SES licensing changed in last several weeks and which presentation is valid?

It sure does. Both presentations are completely different. I don’t know why and I don’t work for SUSE but I have provided this feedback to SUSE on the product page.

[QUOTE]The product page refers to this document:
Enterprise Mass Storage Less than a Penny per GB Per Year TCO Case Study

A second document with the same document number, date, and version but with completely different content and costs can be found here:

Which one is correct?

This discrepancy was first noticed and reported in this forum post:
https://forums.suse.com/showthread.php?6059-Welcome-to-the-new-forum&p=37082#post37082 [/QUOTE]

Thank you for pointing this out!