What are your cluster backup strategies?

OK, maybe I’ve been asking the wrong questions. I’ve been trying to figure out how to use Convoy/Gluster to take cluster-wide snapshotted backups using Gluster’s LVM support, but in doing research it seems that even snapshot backups require some level of technology-level integration. I.e. I still have to block databases from writing to their files while the snapshot is in progress.

So given you have data available across hosts, in something like Gluster, and maybe a variety of stacks running in your Rancher environment, what are your backup strategies? Is there a sidekick for every container with data you’d like to back up, that knows how to back up its specific data and runs on a regular schedule? Something else entirely? This problem is simple if you have data on a single host and can just write a cron job, but I haven’t found a serious treatment on how to back up data when you have a whole bunch of technologies, they’re scattered across hosts in a cluster, and all their data is scattered across the environment and isn’t necessarily on a single host for easy backup.


I’m in exactly the same situation. We are going through the Convoy NFS line in production but we are not exactly sure how to proceed.

We are installing a Percona Cluster and have some questions here. Percona > Data volumes in Convoy NFS > backup to S3. Is this the best way to do it?

Well, help apreciated here.