Percona Cluster backups with CONVOY NFS

Hi all,

I’m new in Rancher and obviously in Convoy too.

We are planning to use Convoy mainly for backups and then upload them to S3. We are not sure if it’s the best way to have all the data volumes safe but it’s what we learned reading the Rancher documentation.

How to proceed here? We have a non clear idea of how to do it, please if anyone knows it exactly, help will be very apreciated.

  1. Deploy a NFS Convoy stack (nfs server + catalog convoy nfs cluster) - Done
  2. Deploy Percona Cluster (as I can see in the config, the catalog deploys all the data in “pxc-data” but I can’t modify where to store this) Currently in this step
  3. Backup to S3: Follow this guide to backup the volumes to S3. Just theory, I didn’t arrive to this point.