What happens when suse erratum is updated?

When errata information for dnf/yum get updated the field in the updateinfo.xml is modified:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<update from="errata@redhat.com" status="stable" type="security" version="1">
  <issued date="2012-01-27 16:08:06"/>
  <updated date="2012-01-27 16:08:06"/>
    <collection short="">
      <package arch="noarch" name="walrus" release="1" src="http://www.fedoraproject.org" version="5.21">

No such field exists on suse’s updateinfo.xml [0]

How does SUSE deal with updated erratum? Is a new errata published everytime an update is needed? Or does SUSE update the existing errata?

[0] https://raw.githubusercontent.com/openSUSE/libzypp/master/zypp/parser/yum/schema/updateinfo.rnc


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