What is the bet approach for IoT deployment using k3s?

Hi, I’m looking for a second opinion based on others experience to see what would be best approach. Sorry if this is not the right place to ask such questions.

Currently we will be deploying k3s on 8 different locations that has poor connectivity, sometimes a location could be 2 days without internet, so idea is to run the workloads on local k3s to run some apps that needs to be working in offline mode and also be able to push updates to the app when connectivity is available.

Initially we have imagined that the best approach would be to setup a small cluster in each location and maintain that using AzureArc or Fleet. On that approach each location would have its own cluster setup locally. We already did some initial tests and is working.

Yesterday I was thinking if it would be better to have a server cluster set on a place with good connectivity and deploy agents to each location.

Does anyone had similar experience with IoT deployments and how did you manage to solve your challenge?

Thanks in advance,

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