What version of k3s, docker and rancher are compatible with each other?

I want to learn it, I keep getting 404 not found when I install it.

Perhaps you could provide a bit more information about what you’re trying to do which is giving the 404 error?

can you show me what versions of k3s, rancher and docker are comptabile with each other? I mean say I’ve docker version 20.10, what version of rancher and k3s do i require such that they’re comptabile with each other?

I see you’ve posted/replied to several threads, possibly out of frustration, but we can only help you if you give us enough information to do so. Note also that any support provided through this forum is unofficial - for official support you would need to open a support incident.

Since you’ve mentioned Docker I’ll note that Docker is not required for K3s and that installing Rancher under Docker is for testing Rancher and not supported for production. The Rancher docs at Installing/Upgrading Rancher | Rancher would be a good place to start.

As for support matrices, the Rancher support matrix is at Rancher Manager v2.8.2 | SUSE and the K3s one at k3s v1.29 | SUSE - they’re the same (long) page but just choose the appropriate versions.

The Rancher matrix link is likely the most useful but generally you’ll need a later version of Rancher to support a later version of K3s and all versions of Rancher should run under Docker (but not supported in production).

those docs don’t really help.

@oslonn describe the setup your wanting, is it a vm, bare-metal etc?

There is also Rancher Desktop you could install to test out before moving to it’s final target install. Rancher Desktop has all the bells and whistles needed for k3s containerd/docker testing…

Then could also visit Rancher Academy for some free training https://www.rancher.academy/

it’s vm with rocky linux. i just want to set up 1 node k3s and access it using gui. so i want gui need to be connected with terminal k3s.

@oslonn So what is the host os, or is this vm a cloud image?

host os is windows 10, it has virtualbox in it. and i am trying to install k3s inside the vm along with rancher.

@oslonn I think Rancher-Desktop (and install wsl2) will do what your wanting, see here;