When will access control be availlable on Rancher 2.0?


I tried Rancher 2.0 to see what new, but access control is disable, opening the instance to anyone. When will this feature be available again on Rancher 2.0 ?


Likely the end of November; All of RBAC is being overhauled to be customizable and handle clusters.

Hi, will that be as part of the GA release or before GA?

It will be well before a GA release.


It’s January. When do you plan to launch access control ?


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When the rest of preview2 is ready. Design changes have made it impractical to do smaller more frequent releases as we were planning at the time.

Good to hear. Any ETA ?

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Would also like to know if the preview2 is here soon? Setting up a Kubernetes cluster as we speak and would like to use Rancher2 to evaluate it with.

Answering my own question as I found an answer on your Slack:

“Regarding the release of 2.0, we’re working hard to release tech preview 2 on January 24th and 2.0 GA by the end of March.”