Where are log informations about stacks (not the running containers)

wher ca I find log informations what ist happening with a stack and the inserted containers?
I don t need what happens inside the contaiiner but I want to check if a stack was moved to another node and which optiones are active when starting.
My problem is the folllowing:
We are using jenkins to configure and starting in stacks organized systems for our developers. This works fine since years but now some new stacks make problems.
The volume parameter contains 3 NFS volumes defined by export_path:local path. The external part of the volume-path disappears suddenly and I ve no idea why.
One guess i that this happens when the stack is moved by rancher another node. To check this i need the asked information where I can see what is happening with the stack.
We have 12 identical nodes and nfs is working stable for about 100 other stacks without problems.
Thanks forma hint