Where does elilo fit into UEFI Secure Boot on SLES 11 SP3?

The UEFI Secure Boot blog provides a good explanation but does not mention ELILO. Can anyone explain where elilo fits into shim and grub? When you install SLES11 SP3 x86_64 on UEFI enabled hardware, the first screen you see is elilo, not shim, not grub. Just trying to put it all together. Thanks.

Found the answer in the Deployment Guide:
“The boot manager GRUB, used to boot machines with a traditional BIOS, does not support UEFI, therefore GRUB is replaced with ELILO. If Secure Boot is enabled, a GRUB2 UEFI module is used via an ELILO compatibility layer. From an administrative and user perspective, both boot manager implementations behave the same and are referred to as ELILO”