While removing secondary node from 2-nodes cluster getting ERROR: 1: cluster.remove: Run "systemctl

While removing secondary node from 2-nodes cluster getting error --(ERROR: 1: cluster.remove: Run “systemctl is-active corosync-qdevice.service”). Here cluster is running on SUSE15 SP1. No corosync-qdevice.service running and no corosync-qdevice rpm installed on these nodes but still getting this type of error. Find below output for more details:

root@node1# ha-cluster-remove
Remove This Node from Cluster:
You will be asked for the IP address or name of an existing node,
which will be removed from the cluster. This command must be
executed from a different node in the cluster.

IP address or hostname of cluster node (e.g.: []node2
Removing node “node2” from the cluster: Are you sure (y/n)? y
ERROR: 1: cluster.remove: Run “systemctl is-active corosync-qdevice.service” error: ********************************************************************************

Could you help on this please.

Can I ask why you are trying to remove node2 from the cluster? That is not in the lab instructions.

This is not for lab, getting above error in our environment. here question is why above error getting and how can remove existing nodes.

Without more information about your cluster configuration, I don’t know why you are seeing this error. Perhaps you should open a support case.

Ok, thanks