Who uses what version of Rancher installations in Production Ready?

I’m interested in who uses which Rancher installation in their work environment.

I also saw that I was running it as just a container on the server, but it seems to me that this installation is not a solution for Production Ready.

Please share your deployment method in Production Ready.

It’s also interesting what problems you encountered with this or that installation.

There are lots of companies using Rancher in production, some of them are featured in SUSE’s Success Stories for Rancher available at Success Stories Archive | SUSE Communities | SUSE

Hello! Thank you for your message. But what I’m more interested in here is how to install Rancher in a production environment from the people who run it (what kind of setup they use, where they host Rancher, what the specs of their servers are and what volumes they serve, etc.). And this link shows which companies use Rancher, this is a little different from what I expect from my topic.

For Production environments it is recommended to have HA Rancher setup. We have 3 masters and 3 workers on top of which our Rancher is provisioned. The specs of your servers totally depends on what applications you are going to install on your cluster. We just have logging and monitoring solutions installed on our Rancher cluster. We have 60gb of disk size and 16gb of memory for each server. For all the applications we are using either NFS or cloud storage solutions to store our data.

For production environment I’d recommend to have a third party backup and restore solution in place in case of any disaster. Also recommend to backup your Rancher data using the Rancher Backups helm chart. This will be helpful to restore your Rancher Data in case your Rancher is wiped out.

Hello! Thank you for your message. It was useful for me.

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Glad to know this worked for you.

I recommend looking at this documentation on the official Rancher page - Installation Requirements | Rancher

I didn’t see it right away, but there is all the necessary information that you will need for your first deployment regarding resources, etc.