Anyone using Rancher in Production?

I’m with one other person as a small companies entire IT/DevOps team. We’re building several large web-apps & APIs for internal as well as client-facing use. free netflix tech news
I’m in charge of all the server infrastructure. I’ve deployed Rancher (1.6) to manage our application’s docker containers. And each Rancher environment’s hosts are part of an AWS auto scaling group which automatically adds the hosts to the rancher environment on launch. Traffic is directed to the rancher environments through an AWS load balancer (which handles the https), and each rancher host has it’s own load balancer which distributes the traffic to the respective containers.

I’m looking for some input on this since this is my first job out of school and I’m basically all self-taught. Does this sound like a production ready environment? Does anyone have any production experience with rancher?


There are many thousands of installations in use by companies of all sizes.

That is a fairly typical setup for AWS, the biggest thing you didn’t talk about is the deployment (single container vs HA) and backing up the database/Rancher server itself. The definition of all the services and things in all the environments is in there so you don’t want to lose it, and environments continue to run fine if the server is unavailable but will not react to hosts or health checks failing until the server returns to tell them what to do.