Why the gluster and convoy-gluster catalog items gone?


I noticed that gluster and convoy-gluster disappeared from catalog. Was this something planned or intentional?

GlusterFS not available in catalog
Is glusterfs removed from Catalog Section?

We have removed GlusterFS and Convoy Gluster from the catalog as users were expecting a robust tool as an alternative persistent storage for Docker volumes. However, due to lack of active maintenance, we cannot recommend this solution going forward.

Instead, we recommend and certify Convoy NFS, which is actively maintained by Rancher.


Someone can update this tutorial to use Convoy NFS, please?
Setting up a scalable and highly available WordPress environment with Rancher and Docker


Seconding that request! :wink:


Anyone set up an NFS storage that isn’t a single-point of failure? I found a few write up of ways people have done it, just wondering if there is a Rancher’esque way to do it.


I would also like to see the mentioned tutorial updated!
Especially I find that an SSL setup for the wordpress installations is missing.
I am trying to setup wordpress hosting with rancher and docker but am a bit stuck.

@denise would you please have a look at that tutorial or point someone from rancher in that direction?

Multiple Wordpress installations behind a reverse proxy with letsencrypt SSL for each of them and a way to add wordpress installtions by domains (example.com and example.de). The stack should be nginx and php7.1-fpm. And adding a redis option for object and database caching would be really nice!

Also: does rancher allow the resource limiting options docker comes with?


I’ve pinged the appropriate people @michacassola.

What specific resource limiting fields are you interested in? We implemented many but possibly not some if they are newer.


Thanks! @cjellick

I want what every hoster wants: CPU, Memory and Volume Size Limits (storage-opt size=)
A Container Environment where I can limit the Resources that all the services of a certain group can use would be great.


Yes, we support cpu and memory fields. storage-opt size depends on the volume driver being used. I believe rancher-ebs supports size limits but NFS doesn’t.


GlusterFS is perfect for use case where we have storage decentralized on the hosts (like bare metal), not one centralized NFS server. Is there some easy alternative what Rancher supports?


GlusterFS is a good solution for what you describe. What we found was that managing a GlusterFS installation takes some care and expertise. In deploying the GlusterFS catalog item, our users were expecting a fully turn-key solution, but that just wasn’t the nature of what we were providing. Rather than give users half a solution and dashed expectations, we pulled the GlusterFS catalog item.

I’d suggest looking to the Gluster community for best practices regarding deploiying and managing gluster. Once you have it deployed, Gluster is capable of presenting itself as an NFS server, so you should be able to use it that way with the rancher-nfs storage driver.


I came across a nice little video from @imorti on “Running MySQL on Rancher with an AWS EBS volume”

May be useful for anyone still looking for persistent storage options using AWS. :wink:

Video: Running MySQL with EBS volume on Rancher