Why was cAdvisor replaced with Docker stats?

I noticed in the 1.2 release notes that cAdvisor has been replaced by Docker stats, can somebody explain why this decision was made? I don’t have an issue with the switch, just curious why the decision was made.

cAdvisor collects data all the time when nobody is looking at it 99% of the time, and expends a considerable amount of effort doing so with things like running du every update. Also [lack of] Windows support.

Interesting. Thanks for the info!

You can face another issue with cAdvisor which is quite frequent. As Vincent explained it keeps watching the container mount space all the time. This throws error when you try to remove the container as mount space has been leaked and being used by cAdvisor. You can see below error quite frequently-

Error response from daemon: Unable to remove filesystem for : remove /var/lib/docker/containers//shm: device or resource busy