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Hi all,
I’m using SLED 11 SP2 32 bit with gnome only. On my laptop, last day i just press wifi button & after 2-5 seconds the wifi is disabled, it’s very normal, & later when you want, just press that wifi button & again it will enable , but on my system, i cant enable the wifi again. If i right click on the Network icon from taskbar, the “Enable Wireless” option is not active. Last day i use the wifi, & it was ok.

So, please some one help me to activate the wifi.

I’m using DELL Laptop, I manually configured & installed the wifi driver, after sp2 migration.


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So your saying with SP2 it was working and now it’s not? Or are you
running a dual boot with windows and it’s working fine there with using
the keys to enable/disable?

Do you see messages as follows in the output from the command dmesg;

dell_wmi: Received unknown WMI event (0x11)

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