Will their be support for Windows 2016 Nodes and environment in Release 2


I am busy investigating to move my .NET ERP application into Docker containers on Windows 2016 as I have a lot of SharePoint, Exchange API integration stuff that run in WCF on IIS and these can only be run in Windows environment. Some of the simpler service can be ported to .NET Core that run on Linux Containers.

I discovered Rancher 1.6 while looking for a solution and tested it and wow it works like a charm :slight_smile: everything you can dream for my on-prem Windows environment.

I went a step further and download the Rancher 2 beta and cannot find the Windows Environment feature in it. Is their any plan to support Windows 2016 nodes in it. Or if Kubernetes is used a Windows Agent.


Found the answer while reading the Rancher V2 FAQ https://rancher.com/docs/rancher/v2.0/en/faq/

We plan to provide Windows support for v2.0 based on Microsoft’s new approach to providing an overlay network using Kubernetes and CNI. This new approach matches well with what we are doing in v2.0 and, once that is complete, you will be able to leverage the same Rancher UX, or Kubernetes UX, but with Windows. We are in the middle of discussing how we can make this happen with Microsoft, and we will provide more information before the end of this year.


Any update on this? I need to add Windows worker nodes to my cluster. Will that be possible soon?