Windows Docker support

Is it possible or in the backlog to get rancher to orchestrate Windows Docker hosts introduced in Server 2016?

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This would be awesome, they’d be the first ones to support Windows orchestration, I think.

This is definitely something we’ve got on the roadmap, and would love to make happen this year. Right now we’ve not finalized a date, but there are a number of users asking for this feature.

FYI, someone created a feature request in Github if you want to watch it.

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Needed for tons of corps… If first to market, it would generate a lot of revenue in enterprise level support. I would actually be on now to get ahead. I know my Corp would beta and help with right now and we are a fortune 50 company.

ContainerX is already supporting Windows Server 2016 TP4 as a container host and building clusters in Azure. I think Rancher is overall a much more complete solution than ContainerX, and it would be great to see this support, but I can imagine a million reasons why this is hard to do - overlay networking, DNS, service discovery, would all be drastically different in Windows.

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ContainerX looks weak in the engine… Though I know windows support will be key for the typical Belgian market. :confused:

Anything happening on the Windows side? According to a Rancher community meetup I attended online, Windows was gonna be a first-class citizen “in the next release”? (Can’t remember when that was, but it was a good while ago.

Did anything happen to postpone this?

…nothing? If the plans do make Windows containers a first-class citizen are postponed or somehow cancelled, then I’d really like to know. There’s been absolutely zero information regarding Windows since that virtual meetup many many moons ago. I’d really appreciate some update, whether it’s good news or bad.