Windows Agent - x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

Hi All! I have a Rancher 2.3.2 installation using a custom Internal PKI certificate on the rancher server. When i try to add a Windows node into the mix, i execute the Powershell command on the windows host, and it fails to keep the container started, with error “x509: certificate signed by unknown authority”. If i scrap the setup, and use the self-signed cert on the rancher server, i have no issues getting the windows host installed. As soon as i put the custom internal PKI cert on the rancher server, the windows node fails to start, with the above error. I tried placing the Intermediate and Root CA certs in c:\etc\kubernetes\ssl\certs, but that yields the same result. I confirmed that the root and intermediate certs exist on the windows server in both Root and CA certificate stores. Is there something im missing?