WIndows Terminal Server Greyed out

I would say I am a failry Linux newbie. A real novice in fact if it is command line. :-)I’m evaluating SLES12 sp2. So far so good. The main thing I am struggling with now is the Terminal Server Client. Windows terminal server is greyed out. I’ve installed xrdp. System says it is running but if I try and run the command I get file not found. This happens even If I run from usr/sbin. I recall while back I had to run a custom command in the terminal server client on SLED11 I go that to work and yes it would have been smart to copy that command somewhere before I blew that installation away to try this. To be honest I assumed that teh previous issue would have gone away in sled12 since it worked fine in sled10. I’d be grateful for some help here.



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