wine - Windows Emulator

Any chance wine is in a special repo somewhere ? Can’t find it in the standard ones ?

If it is not available then I would kindly ask that it be added to the next SP.


I would recommend CodeWeavers crossover, going forward anything like that is going to have to deal with Wayland as opposed to Xorg.

Run in a windows vm, docker, flatpak etc?

What applications are you needing to be emulated?

Update, I see a build is waiting in the Emulators:Wine development repository…

Keep and eye on the progress at the above link to see if SLE 12 SP3 gets a successful build. All unsupported of course…

Tried compiling it from wineHQ source - didn’t work out so well.

Then tried the repo from open suse This installed and appears to be working so far, but like you said unsupported.

Wine and all that doesnt work really. I have CAD software and did following:
(not all work out of the box since SUSE is sometimes programmed badly)

  • install KVM - YAST - create virtual machine for KVM…
  • install libvirt - might missing
  • start in service manager libvirt
  • start KVM
  • install windows xx (is for free) in the virtual machine.
    KVM is really stabile, powerfull and much better than virtual box from oracle - and not to compare with WINE.

Now you have a full system that realy works. You can have it open in a window inside linux. you have USB, WEB, you can copy from linux to win and back…
My suggestion - I use it for CAD and much more. Takes about 60GB on an HD. But that should not be an issue.