Worker node rancher agent ping is not accessible

Hello All,

We are using rancher 2.5.9 rancher server. Due to some work we removed the 2 worker nodes for around 2 months back. We followed the process to remove the node from Rancher. We are using redhat 8.6 with latest docker version.

When we tried to re-add the two worker nodes back into the Rancher cluster it is giving us the below error log rancher-agent docker container logs on the worker node.

Error: is not accessible (The requested url returned error : 503)

After that we tried with a fresh node with same configuration it added successfully.
Also we removed one ubuntu worker node and it was also added successfully.

But we don’t understand why the problem of adding those two worker nodes back into the Rancher cluster.

If anybody have an idea what is the wrong kindly help us.