Workload in Ingress Error - This site can't be reached

After following the “Manual Quick Start” which created the local Rancher/Kubernetes cluster, I created a second cluster (cluster01) using step 4 of the same tutorial. Cluster01 has 3 nodes.

When both the local and cluster01 clusters show active, I then proceeded to follow the next tutorial on creating deployments.

I followed step 1 of the first tutorial called “Workload in Ingress” which appears to have created a new workload that I named “helloapp”. I also followed step 2 titled “Expose the application via an Ingress” with no apparent issues.

At the end of the tutorial, I am given a link to “View my application”. When following the link, I get an error message stating “This site can’t be reached”.

Can someone shed some insight on why this might be happening? Also, any suggestions on how to troubleshoot would be much appreciated.

Ok, I’ve made some progress on this. Still learning about Kubernetes.

I was trying to use the LoadBalancer service type even though I had installed Rancher/Kubernetes on a local cluster. I switched it to NodePort and then it worked.